What You Need to Know About Rollerball Pen

Investing in a high quality pen can be a great idea. Your unique pen may just strike a conversation with people who are important to you. A Lanier writing instrument doesn’t look like your ordinary pen. This is a product that has been handcrafted and made using exotic wood that not only enhances its appearance but also provides unmatched quality. These writing instruments attract attention for all the right reasons.

How do you know if you’re investing in a high quality rollerball pen? There are a number of factors that you need to consider such as the shape of the pen, its weight and balance. You need to consider the way the pen is designed and the materials it’s made up of. Some pens are heavier whereas others are designed with lightweight materials. Lanier pens come with very different features. There are those who are designed with a fine tip whereas others have a broad tip. In case you don’t find the roller pens with the exact features you want, you can always contact Lanier’s customer service department and let them design the exact pen you want.


In order to make sure that the writing instrument will perform best, you need to consider the kind of nib it has. A fine point nib usually offers the best writing experience but it depends on what you prefer. Lanier pens come in a wide range of options. Most people prefer the simple ballpoint which enhances fine writing. Although fountain pens give an amazing writing experience and a wonderful look, they are not the best writing instrument for every situation.  With the rollerball pen, you get a high quality writing instrument that is designed with an amazing look. You don’t have to spread ink all over when refilling the pen. It’s designed in such a way that you can get replaceable refills which you can easily attach to the pen and continue enjoying a quality writing experience. These replaceable re-fills readily available in the market.

Both fountain pens and rollerball pens use a water based ink. However, with the rollerball, the ink and tip are both attached to the refill. The advantage of this combination is that, you don’t have to spread ink all over your work when refilling when using rollerball pens. As much as modern fountain pens have refills today, rollerball pens are much more commonly used.

The other main advantage of rollerball pens is that you don’t have to insert pressure when writing on a piece of paper. You just need to hold the pen lightly and it’s able to offer the quality of writing you need. These rollerball pens are stronger than fountain pens and they last much longer.

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Beautify your Office Space with Handmade Up Right Pen Stands Made from Exotic Wood

One of the easiest ways to de-clutter your desk is by investing in beautiful accessories that add style and functionality to home or office space.  You can buy hand made up right pen stands to keep all your writing instruments neatly on the counter.  These finely crafted pen stands are made from exotic wood. Each pen stand is designed manually by a skilled craftsman to guarantee quality.

Unlike most plastic stands which are mass produced, handmade pen stands are crafted by hand which is why they exhibit perfection in the way they look and function. Additionally, the pen stands are relatively affordable.


Since the upright pen stands are made of exotic wood, they not only have an interesting and unique look but they are also durable and highly valuable. You’ll only find these high quality handmade pen stands made from exotic wood at Lanier Pens. The company has been in business for almost 10 years and manufactures fine writing instruments and other items designed by highly skilled and creative artisans.

These particular, handmade up right pen stands are manufactured using many varieties of exotic wood. They include Birds Eye Maple, Bolivian Rose Wood, Bubinga and Bocote.  Due to the durability and visual appeal of exotic wood, the resulting pen stands can last for many years. You wouldn’t have to think of investing in new pen stands anytime soon unless of course you feel like getting a completely different style or look.

You’ll also have a variety of pen stands to choose from since they are available in different shapes and sizes. With different options available, you will find quality pen stands which can contain 1 to 11 of your favorite writing instruments.

Whether you want to reorganize your work or home office space, Lanier handmade pen stands are quality items which can be used for their beauty and functionality.

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Lanier Pens: Custom Made to Suit Your Unique Needs

Have you ever felt the need to get writing instruments which are customized to look just the way you want? Lanier Pens specializes in manufacturing exclusive writing instruments which depict your unique personality. The custom made pens are not just known for having a distinct style but also high quality which makes them last longer than regular pens. Your company’s logo or even your name can be engraved on the pen to make it stand out. Lanier can bring out whatever feature you choose to customize your pen.


Writing instruments and pen stands made from quality wood

Lanier Pens also specializes in pens and pen stands made from exotic wood. These kinds of pens are perfect for anyone who is looking for something different in order to stand out. Lanier Pens can take into account your design ideas when creating the custom made pens or stands. If you have preferences in terms of color, shape or size, Lanier Pens- Custom shop will take them into account to come up with a unique and beautiful product for their customer. Even though these customized wooden pens and pen stands are going to cost more than ordinary writing equipment, they are worthwhile because they represent something stylish, functional and beautiful. The pen stands are also available in different shapes and sizes so they can fit different numbers of writing instruments.

Personalized products

Lanier Pens is always keen to satisfy customer’s unique requests. In case you have some special needs that need to be fulfilled when ordering your writing instruments, make sure you inform them. The company has skilled craftsmen who have made custom made pens for very many years. Whatever ideas you have in terms of design, feel free to share them with the team at Lanier Pens. They are likely to meet and possibly exceed your expectations.

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Aston Leather Pen Cases

3 Whether you’re looking for a pen slip, a pen holder or a pen holster for your belt to hold your fine writing instrument, we’ve got them all at Lanier Pens. We are proud to provide top quality Aston leather cases to go with our top quality writing instruments. Aston leather products are handmade in the USA with leather from around the world. They’re also:

  • Veg-tanned with environmentally friendly oak trees
  • Made to become more supple and beautiful with age
  • Made with water resistant cowhide leathers
  • Scratch resistant

Like Lanier Pens, each Aston leather case is a beautiful work of art created in a small, custom shop by a highly skilled staff, here is the USA. These top grain leather pen holders and pouches only get better with age, and they’re ideal for safeguarding your equally long lasting fine writing instruments.


Pen slips or sleeves, holders and holsters all make the perfect present for a loved one, as a motivational gift for employees, as an appreciation gift for a boss, or really for anyone (including yourself!) who values quality, USA made leather items and fine writing instruments.


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How important are Pencils in the growing years?

Everybody over the globe knows about Pencils, and everybody has utilized them on various events. Perhaps they help you to remember your school days, or infer exhausting days at the workplace. Whatever the case may be, the pencil is a well known thing that the world has long been enamored with.

A standout amongst the most imperative employments of the pencil is helping kids with their studies. Pencils are utilized in schools all over the world to help kids with their written work. Once the kids have accomplished competence in writing individual letters with the pencil they move on to expertise in writing whole papers or tests.


In spite of the fact that Pencils are a central commodity throughout a student’s school years, we generally underestimate these common things. What most individuals don’t understand is that there is soon to be a situation where there can be a deficiency of these in the classrooms. With genuine budgetary issues in the economy and raised unemployment rates, parents and schools are not able to furnish the kids with what they require. There is one straightforward result that can help the parents and the schools to furnish the students with pencils that are imperative to their schooling years, it is purchasing pencils wholesale.

The pencil, and other essential school supplies, can without much worrying be acquired at a wholesale cost on the web. Purchasing items along these lines guarantee that you will get a much lower cost than you ever could at any retail store.

Purchasing wholesale additionally provides for you the good fortune to buy these commodities in mass, hence, giving you a chance to truly take advantage of your financial plan for school things. The way to getting these greatly required Pencils at a competitive rate is discovering a trustworthy online wholesale supplier.

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SCHMIDT Technologies & Lanier Pens

2SCHMIDT Technology has been developing and producing highly sophisticated solutions for major brands of writing instruments all over the world for over half a century. Did you know Schmidt today supplies most of the industry with their pen refills, which are in turn packaged and resold under other brand names for higher prices? At Lanier Pens you get the best for less – the original Schmidt Pen Refill!3

Writing Instrument Technology

Schmidt Technology has extensive R&D facilities, qualified experts and a vertical range of manufacturing that enables t4hem to realize customer desires quickly. The synergies of their three business units, writing instrument technology, machinery and sensors, result in extraordinary solutions. They can produce precision within microns range and both their engineers and chemists know how to handle the complex interactions of mechanics, physics and chemistry.

At Lanier Pens we’re proud to offer you ball point pen refills and rollerball pen refills made by Schmidt, directly from their factory in

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A historic outlook of Ball-Point Pens

Ball-Point Pens, also called a biro, was initially named after its creator Laszlo Biro. A ball point pen has a well-coated inner chamber with thick ink which is the transferred to the tip while one uses it, by the circular movement of a minute metal ball made of brass, steel, iron, or tungsten carbide.


A Hungarian newspaper editorial manager, Laszlo Biro, thought of the development after spending a lot of time trying to figure out a way to use a fountain pen without spilling ink. The pointed tip of the fountain pen likewise ruined his worksheets. It was then Biro noticed that ink utilized to print the newspaper had a faster drying time, and there were no visible smears. With his brother George who was incidentally a physicist, they fitted the model with a little sphere that could be pivoted quite easily in a gap. When the ball is moved, it grabs ink from the cartridge and brings it down the nip for you to use during writing. Laszlo, in this manner, documented a British patent on the 15.06.1938.
The principal Ball-Point Pens patent was first drawn up on 30.10.1889 by John Loud, who was a leather tanner. His version involved a revolving metal sphere which was joined to the nip superficially. The production of financially savvy and reliable pens was the climax of much examination, contemporary science and the careful utilisation of twentieth century skill.

There are two major types of Ball-Point Pens – refillable and disposable. The refillable versions are generally made of metal and cost much more. The refill restores the entire ink into the pain, whereas you would have had to fill the pen with ink in case of a fountain pen. Disposable pens are obviously, less expensive and primarily made of plastic. These pens can’t be re-utilized and have to be disposed of after the ink has run out.

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What are the different varieties of Fountain Pens?

The Fountain Pens are one of the best pens to have been invented on the planet. One of the focal points of these pens is that they are not difficult to write with contrasted with the ballpoints pens.

fountain pen

The apt reasoning behind why these pens are not so difficult to work with is on the grounds that they do not require additional pressure to performing the writing task.

The varieties:

  • The Art Deco Fountain pen:

These Fountain Pens generally come in distinctive models and various designs which in itself reflect personality and individuality. This provides for you status and you have a tendency to have a high self regard.

  • The Fountain Pen:

In the matter of wellbeing, these pens are exceptionally solid and last several years. Since they require simply insignificant level of pressure to work exceptionally, they don’t require much of muscle strain which guarantees that you stay comfortable and stress less all through your written work. Since they are not difficult to work with, the pens are normally very comfortable to write with. This makes your writing work fun and energizing and the outcome is fluent and beautiful handwriting.

  • The Classic fountain pen:

The classic fountain pens are more like the memorabilia that everyone likes to restore and show off as an accomplishment, decorated in a significant location on their showcases or study desks. These classic fountain pens have real value in terms of their vintage age and their immaculately brilliant designs. For the pens to look exquisite for long, you have to clean them from time to time.

  • Majestic fountain pen:

The Majestic Fountain Pens are truly majestic in form and have a substantial grip. The tip of the nib is also fractionally bigger as compared to the other pens and is useful for fluent, blocked scripting

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