What are the different varieties of Fountain Pens?

The Fountain Pens are one of the best pens to have been invented on the planet. One of the focal points of these pens is that they are not difficult to write with contrasted with the ballpoints pens.

fountain pen

The apt reasoning behind why these pens are not so difficult to work with is on the grounds that they do not require additional pressure to performing the writing task.

The varieties:

  • The Art Deco Fountain pen:

These Fountain Pens generally come in distinctive models and various designs which in itself reflect personality and individuality. This provides for you status and you have a tendency to have a high self regard.

  • The Fountain Pen:

In the matter of wellbeing, these pens are exceptionally solid and last several years. Since they require simply insignificant level of pressure to work exceptionally, they don’t require much of muscle strain which guarantees that you stay comfortable and stress less all through your written work. Since they are not difficult to work with, the pens are normally very comfortable to write with. This makes your writing work fun and energizing and the outcome is fluent and beautiful handwriting.

  • The Classic fountain pen:

The classic fountain pens are more like the memorabilia that everyone likes to restore and show off as an accomplishment, decorated in a significant location on their showcases or study desks. These classic fountain pens have real value in terms of their vintage age and their immaculately brilliant designs. For the pens to look exquisite for long, you have to clean them from time to time.

  • Majestic fountain pen:

The Majestic Fountain Pens are truly majestic in form and have a substantial grip. The tip of the nib is also fractionally bigger as compared to the other pens and is useful for fluent, blocked scripting

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