Aston Leather Pen Cases

3 Whether you’re looking for a pen slip, a pen holder or a pen holster for your belt to hold your fine writing instrument, we’ve got them all at Lanier Pens. We are proud to provide top quality Aston leather cases to go with our top quality writing instruments. Aston leather products are handmade in the USA with leather from around the world. They’re also:

  • Veg-tanned with environmentally friendly oak trees
  • Made to become more supple and beautiful with age
  • Made with water resistant cowhide leathers
  • Scratch resistant

Like Lanier Pens, each Aston leather case is a beautiful work of art created in a small, custom shop by a highly skilled staff, here is the USA. These top grain leather pen holders and pouches only get better with age, and they’re ideal for safeguarding your equally long lasting fine writing instruments.


Pen slips or sleeves, holders and holsters all make the perfect present for a loved one, as a motivational gift for employees, as an appreciation gift for a boss, or really for anyone (including yourself!) who values quality, USA made leather items and fine writing instruments.


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