Beautify your Office Space with Handmade Up Right Pen Stands Made from Exotic Wood

One of the easiest ways to de-clutter your desk is by investing in beautiful accessories that add style and functionality to home or office space.  You can buy hand made up right pen stands to keep all your writing instruments neatly on the counter.  These finely crafted pen stands are made from exotic wood. Each pen stand is designed manually by a skilled craftsman to guarantee quality.

Unlike most plastic stands which are mass produced, handmade pen stands are crafted by hand which is why they exhibit perfection in the way they look and function. Additionally, the pen stands are relatively affordable.


Since the upright pen stands are made of exotic wood, they not only have an interesting and unique look but they are also durable and highly valuable. You’ll only find these high quality handmade pen stands made from exotic wood at Lanier Pens. The company has been in business for almost 10 years and manufactures fine writing instruments and other items designed by highly skilled and creative artisans.

These particular, handmade up right pen stands are manufactured using many varieties of exotic wood. They include Birds Eye Maple, Bolivian Rose Wood, Bubinga and Bocote.  Due to the durability and visual appeal of exotic wood, the resulting pen stands can last for many years. You wouldn’t have to think of investing in new pen stands anytime soon unless of course you feel like getting a completely different style or look.

You’ll also have a variety of pen stands to choose from since they are available in different shapes and sizes. With different options available, you will find quality pen stands which can contain 1 to 11 of your favorite writing instruments.

Whether you want to reorganize your work or home office space, Lanier handmade pen stands are quality items which can be used for their beauty and functionality.

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