What You Need to Know About Rollerball Pen

Investing in a high quality pen can be a great idea. Your unique pen may just strike a conversation with people who are important to you. A Lanier writing instrument doesn’t look like your ordinary pen. This is a product that has been handcrafted and made using exotic wood that not only enhances its appearance but also provides unmatched quality. These writing instruments attract attention for all the right reasons.

How do you know if you’re investing in a high quality rollerball pen? There are a number of factors that you need to consider such as the shape of the pen, its weight and balance. You need to consider the way the pen is designed and the materials it’s made up of. Some pens are heavier whereas others are designed with lightweight materials. Lanier pens come with very different features. There are those who are designed with a fine tip whereas others have a broad tip. In case you don’t find the roller pens with the exact features you want, you can always contact Lanier’s customer service department and let them design the exact pen you want.


In order to make sure that the writing instrument will perform best, you need to consider the kind of nib it has. A fine point nib usually offers the best writing experience but it depends on what you prefer. Lanier pens come in a wide range of options. Most people prefer the simple ballpoint which enhances fine writing. Although fountain pens give an amazing writing experience and a wonderful look, they are not the best writing instrument for every situation.  With the rollerball pen, you get a high quality writing instrument that is designed with an amazing look. You don’t have to spread ink all over when refilling the pen. It’s designed in such a way that you can get replaceable refills which you can easily attach to the pen and continue enjoying a quality writing experience. These replaceable re-fills readily available in the market.

Both fountain pens and rollerball pens use a water based ink. However, with the rollerball, the ink and tip are both attached to the refill. The advantage of this combination is that, you don’t have to spread ink all over your work when refilling when using rollerball pens. As much as modern fountain pens have refills today, rollerball pens are much more commonly used.

The other main advantage of rollerball pens is that you don’t have to insert pressure when writing on a piece of paper. You just need to hold the pen lightly and it’s able to offer the quality of writing you need. These rollerball pens are stronger than fountain pens and they last much longer.

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