A pen is mightier than a sword” – it is known to all and unarguably true as well. But how about making this weapon of yours a bit classy and a thing for others envy? Yes, now you can do this with our range of roller ball pens, fountain pens and pencils which are made of wood and hand crafted piece by piece. We are a well known name in the exotic handcrafted pens industry. With our vast range of fountain and roller ball pens which are all made of exotic woods you can certainly show a class. Our pens are now become a symbol of sophistication for sheer craftsmanship of our expert wood turners and designs.

Dual benefit for you

Our elegant fountain and roller pens are not only bears a symbol of sophistication and class, but also highly effective and famous for its smooth writing as well. We use Schmidt Refills, the world’s most used and one of the best refills in our products. So it can be a double benefit for our customers, because by buying a pen from us they are not only getting a classic piece of art but also get a the best writing solution in more cheaper price as well, because in other brands you will get the same refill with their own brand name with higher prices which originally supplied by Schmidt, but with our products you will get the same quality refill with much lesser prices with our all ball point pens.

How our pens are different from others?         

We create each and every piece of the fountain pens and roller and ball point pens and pencils with precision and each of our products are handcrafted by our seasoned wood turners. Not only that our products are different from any other products that is available in the market today for their astounding features like

  • All our products are made of various exotic woods
  • High gloss finish for long lasting and beauty
  • Super feed high tech mechanism that we use to create the pens and pencils
  • Sealed ink cartridge and iridium made tip nibs of fountain pens
  • Use of universal ceramic tip roller refill in our roller pens
  • Our series of pens and pencils are available in rhodium and 24kt gold plating and many other plating options.
  • We use refills like Schmidt, Montverde and delta refills for better writing quality and fluid flow.

Our products as gifting and promotional products

Lanier pens and pencils are the best way of gifting. Our pens are not only used as the medium of writing but also as a collectible item and a gift which can last for generations. You can use our products as medium of your brands promotion as well. It not only successfully promotes your brand but also shows a class apart. With our superior quality writing instruments you can do many more things other than writing and gifting. Our extraordinary products as business gifts are the most apt way to show the gratitude and a way of showing esteem to your clients. And long lasting engraved symbol or logo of your company bears the name and recognition even after the gift has been given to them. So whatever may be your purpose a personalized gift or sophisticated business gifts or for collection, our products are the most appropriate and is worth trying. So to know more about our cast array of products range in fountain, roller and ball pens and pencils contact us today. This luxury exotic writing instruments not only worth as a sophisticated gift item but also bears the taste and class of yours as well.


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